Why is Print on Demand So Popular?

Print on demand is one of fastest growing business models in the world. And for good reason. There are obvious advantages to it as compared to having inventory or drop shipping from AliExpress. For example:


  • You can ship your products faster as compared to drop shipping them from China. With the whole situation of COVID-19 this is even more beneficial for your business as it will be easier for you to ship from within the US.
  • Platforms like ProfitBusters give you enough ideas to create new designs for your products almost daily and have them printed without having to worry about the costs of getting a new design printed.

If you are looking to stay ahead in the e-commerce game, then you need to focus all your energy on the creative process. Profit Busters allows you incredible insight into the latest trends and gives you a selection of the latest designs which you can choose from. This means that you will always be one step ahead of the competition and grab more attention from the customers. Then comes the dreaded technical side of e-commerce, well that is sorted too with print on demand. You can say goodbye to all the stress of inventory management and customer service. Print on demand takes care of everything. So, what will you end up with? You will end up with great designs from ProfitBusters, that is the creative side of your business sorted and all your logistical needs will be fulfilled by print on demand, this is the technical side of your business sorted. Sounds like a winning recipe to a successful and lucrative e-commerce operation to us.


Here are the top reasons why you should seriously consider going for print on demand.


1 – Say goodbye to inventory management – This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of print on demand and it is sometimes the most under rated as well. If you have a reliable print on demand partner, then you will never have to worry about managing your inventory. If you are an experienced e-commerce business owner, then you will be well aware of what we are saying here. If you are new to this industry or are researching about it then you need to know that as your business scales in size, inventory management becomes a real pain point. It is almost like gambling your money on buying stock and then praying that it sells well. With print on demand you don’t have to worry about any of this. It becomes the responsibility of your print on demand partner to fulfill the orders and manage the inventory. You are safe from the risk of your stock sitting in a warehouse somewhere and not selling. It is a huge benefit especially for start-ups.



2 – Want to buy new equipment? – Let’s face it, everyone in the e-commerce business at one point or another has thought about buying printing equipment to save costs and escape the stress that comes when you are dealing with several printing companies. First of all, let us tell you that the cost associated with setting up an in-house printing setup is not worth it. It is an expense of gigantic proportions and it is frankly unnecessary. When you have a print on demand partner why do you need your own printing setup? They are going to take care of everything that you need.

3 – Save energy and time – Print on demand is going to deal with all the boring parts of running an e-commerce business. You will not have to deal with the stress of completing orders and then dealing with shipping companies. That right there is a major spot on your schedule that just opened up because of print on demand. You might not realize it but having a mind that is stress free helps you make better decisions. With ProfitBusters already taking care of the creative side of your business, you will have more than enough time to decide which direction you want to take your business in and how you are going to expand your operation. These are things that you should be worried about instead of worrying about orders being fulfilled and shipped. 

4 – Infinite possibilities for design – When you are buying your stock in bulk you are assuming that these products will sell out in a specific time frame when that does not happen, the trend changes and you are stuck with excess product that no one wants to buy. This really hampers your creative side and stops you from experimenting with the designs that you want. Print on demand give you the opportunity to try a new design every day without any kind of major financial risk. You will no longer have to sacrifice on creativity. You can test and experiment with several designs before deciding on what works best. Since you are not buying anything in bulk there is nothing to worry about. ProfitBusters is going to provide you with designs, and you are going to want to try all of them and guess what, with print on demand you can do that.


5 – More possibilities with products – With POD you get the add more products to your line with a simple click on your computer. You are free from the financial risk of having to buy stock of the product that you want to include and the stress of dealing with a whole new vendor. Think about it for a second, you want to add a mug or a shaker to your line, a simple click and voila. It’s done, you are now selling mugs and shakers as well. More products mean a wider net. More customers will flock to your business when they see a product that interests them. Another benefit that comes with this ability to add products at will is that you can target a niche audience. If you do it the conventional way you run the risk of losing a lot of money if the plan does not work out. With POD there is no such risk.

6 – Scaling is not a problem anymore – Scaling can be a major problem for most start-up e-commerce businesses. As the business starts to grow and orders start to increase, it becomes hard to keep up with the rising demand.   This problem is faced by e-commerce businesses all over the world. For scaling, company needs to have an inventory as well as a warehouse for keeping it. If you provide worldwide shipping, that is another added hassle. The breaking point for this problem is the increase in your overall costs.

However, print on demand is the solution to this problem. With it, you won’t have stock up inventory or rent out warehouses or deal with the issues that come with worldwide shipping. Print on demand will take care of it all.


7 – Don’t worry about your customer service – A good marketing strategy makes people buy your product. What makes them coming back to you for more is your customer service. However, when you are running a one-person operation, it becomes difficult to tend to the needs of each customer. The situation gets worse as the number of customers and orders start to rise. At this point, most e-commerce businesses start to crash! They are unable to keep up with the quality of service due to influx of orders. It can cost you not only your customers but also your brand reputation. 

Nevertheless, Print on Demand provides a simple solution to that. It takes care of the customer service for you. You can say bye to the anxiety of dealing with the customers! With Print on Demand, you can enjoy the perks of owning an ecommerce business without having to worry about the boring stuff!

8 – Improves your bottom line – Print on Demand will boost your bottom line and take it to the next level. All of the ways mentioned above, together, will not only improve your bottom line but also your mental health. How? Well, by taking away the stress that comes with running an e-commerce business.


Product design research is an important part of e-commerce your designs have to grab the customers attention by the collar and drag them towards that checkout button. We at ProfitBusters understand this and give you designs that are aligned with the latest trends on the market. We make product design research seamless and effective. If you are interested in elevating your business with the latest and trendiest designs on the market then sign up today with us.