Print On Demand Important Dates


2024 Holiday Dates

1st – New Year’s Day
6th – National Cuddle Up Day
13th – National Sticker Day
17th – National Hot Buttered Rum Day
21st – National Hugging Day
24th – National Compliment Day
27th – International Lego Day
29th – National Puzzle Day
31st – Inspire Your Heart With Art Day
31st – National Hot Chocolate Day


2024 Holiday Dates

2nd – Groundhog Day
4th – National Homemade Soup Day
9th – National Pizza Day
13th – Galentine’s Day
14th – Valentine’s Day
17th – Random Acts of Kindness Day
18th – National Drink Wine Day
20th – Love Your Pet Day
22nd – National Margarita Day
27th – National Polar Bear Day


2024 Holiday Dates

1st – Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
8th – International Women’s Day
14th – Pi Day
17th – St. Patrick’s Day
20th – International Day of Happiness
23rd – National Puppy Day
30th – National Doctors’ Day
31st – World Backup Day
31st – National Crayon Day
31st – Transgender Day of Visibility

April 2024

2024 Holiday Dates

1st – April Fools’ Day
7th – World Health Day
10th – National Siblings Day
15th – Tax Day (USA)
22nd – Earth Day
23rd – World Book Day
28th – National Superhero Day
30th – International Jazz Day
30th – National Honesty Day
30th – National Bubble Tea Day

May 2024

2024 Holiday Dates

4th – Star Wars Day
5th – Cinco de Mayo
9th – Mother’s Day
18th – International Museum Day
21st – National Waitstaff Day
24th – Marijuana Day
25th – National Wine Day
31st – World No Tobacco Day
31st – National Macaroon Day
31st – National Smile Day

June 2024

2024 Holiday Dates

1st – National Donut Day
5th – World Environment Day
8th – Best Friends Day
16th – National Fudge Day
19th – Juneteenth
21st – International Yoga Day
21st – National Selfie Day
23rd – National Pink Day
27th – National Sunglasses Day
30th – National Social Media Day

July 2024

2024 Holiday Dates

1st – International Joke Day
4th – Independence Day (USA)
7th – World Chocolate Day
11th – World Population Day
17th – World Emoji Day
24th – National Tequila Day
30th – International Friendship Day
30th – National Cheesecake Day
31st – National Avocado Day
31st – International Tiger Day

August 2024

2024 Holiday Dates

1st – National Girlfriends Day
8th – International Cat Day
9th – National Book Lovers Day
15th – National Relaxation Day
19th – World Photography Day
25th – National Banana Split Day
26th – National Dog Day
30th – National Beach Day
31st – International Bacon Day
31st – National Trail Mix Day

September 2024

2024 Holiday Dates

5th – International Day of Charity
8th – International Literacy Day
13th – Grandparents Day (USA)
19th – Talk Like a Pirate Day
21st – International Day of Peace
22nd – World Car-Free Day
25th – National Comic Book Day
27th – World Tourism Day
28th – National Drink Beer Day
29th – National Coffee Day

October 2024

2024 Holiday Dates

1st – International Coffee Day
4th – World Animal Day
10th – World Mental Health Day
14th – National Dessert Day
16th – World Food Day
20th – National Pumpkin Day
24th – United Nations Day
28th – National Chocolate Day
29th – National Cat Day
31st – Halloween

November 2024

2024 Holiday Dates

1st – World Vegan Day
6th – National Nachos Day
11th – Veterans Day
13th – World Kindness Day
14th – World Diabetes Day
17th – Homemade Bread Day
19th – International Men’s Day
21st – World Hello Day
23rd – Thanksgiving Day (USA)
27th – Black Friday

December 2024

2024 Holiday Dates

1st – World AIDS Day
4th – National Cookie Day
7th – Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
10th – Human Rights Day
12th – Gingerbread House Day
15th – Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
21st – Winter Solstice
24th – Christmas Eve
25th – Christmas Day
31st – New Year’s Eve

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